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Charity and local community work

As proud members of Honley Business Association, we're more than your local mortgage broker. Here's a bit of the work we're doing to bring positivity and opportunity to our community.

In 2021 I lost two special people. First my Godson, Sgt. James Byrne, then my lovely dad, Harry Gill.

Our local community: Our Services

Harry Gill

That was my amazing dad! He had Alzheimer’s for a few years & after suffering a fall, sadly passed away very quickly. Again, I wanted to do something in his memory, & whilst I thought about an Alzheimer’s charity, I decided against this as I don’t want him to be defined by the disease.

Brought up in Manchester in a working-class family with 6 siblings, he studied and worked so hard to gain more from his life. He completed an apprenticeship whilst also attending night school & eventually earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering Design from the University of Manchester.

He went on to become a Principal Lecturer at University of Huddersfield for many years. When you think back to where he came from, this was a massive achievement. But one thing about dad was that he never ever forgot his roots. He just wanted to inspire generations of young adults to work hard and achieve their goals, be it in the lecture hall or on the football pitch. 

With this in mind, I would like to continue his legacy by offering a donation each year to a student from Honley High School who shows talent and passion for a certain field but may not have the opportunity to fund additional lessons or buy equipment.


Sgt. James Byrne

After serving in Afghanistan, with The Royal Fusiliers, and witnessing things we cannot begin to imagine, his demons were finally too much to bear and the illness, that is PTSD, took him away.

I always remember James being a loveable rogue as a child, and when his mum told me he was joining the Army at 16 I thought he wouldn’t last 2 weeks!

How wrong I was. James not only became a wonderful young man but also the most respected and loved soldier who we are all so proud of. I wanted to do something in James’s memory so with the help of his mum, Liz, we have decided to support the charity Service Dogs UK which provides Veterans from the Armed Forces & Emergency Services, suffering from PTSD, the benefit of specially trained assistance dogs.

I will be donating £10 from every Broker Fee to this charity. James loved dogs and we know he would love the work this charity is doing for his fellow sufferers. 

Calculate Savings

Finance workshops

I’ve always believed that young people should be taught basic financial skills in schools and colleges. The number of first-time buyers I help who all say the same thing is incredible.

In association with Honley High School I’m going to offer workshops that will cover the essentials of finance including bank accounts, how to save, what is a mortgage, the pitfalls of borrowing and what is a good deal. 

If you have children or young adults that would benefit from these workshops, then please get in touch. There will be no charge for attending a workshop.

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